The family of Mac Miller has released a deluxe edition of Circles, the late rapper’s posthumous album that arrived earlier this year. The deluxe edition of the album includes two previously-unreleased songs, “Right” and “Floating”, as well as a visualizer video for the latter.

Produced by Jon BrionCircles is a companion album to Miller’s 2018 Swimming LP. The rapper was unable to finish Circles as he tragically passed away in 2018, less than two months after the release of Swimming.

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“Floating” is the final track of the deluxe edition, playing on many of the themes present throughout the rest of the album. The lyrics speak of “a place right up above the clouds” that Miller planned to go to when he “can finally get away.” “Yeah, there’s a room somewhere up above the trees.” He continues, “And once you get there, you don’t ever wanna leave no-no-no, no/Feelin’good, feelin’ free/When I can finally get away.” This feeling of seeking escape is present on many of Circles‘ songs, such as “Complicated” and the album’s only single, “Good News”.

Listen to “Floating” via the accompanying visualizer video below:

Mac Miller – “Floating”

[Video: Mac Miller]

“Right”, on the other hand, deals with a different kind of struggle. The song describes a relationship, rife with heartache and self-reflection. “Yeah, it’s been a while without your face/But I saw your picture on the wall the other day/Too much distance, too much space/You need to come back home,” Miller says in the first verse, before a moment of introspection in the second, “Three years ago I was so dumb/Clueless, young and stupid, but look at who I have become/I ain’t gonna break your heart, promise it’s always safe.”

Listen to the entire Circles deluxe edition below and head to his website to purchase a physical copy of the album. A vinyl release is expected on April 17th.

Mac Miller – Circles (Deluxe)