On Thursday, Mac Miller‘s family shared a music video for “Good News”, the first single off Miller’s posthumous album, Circles.

The video for “Good News”, directed by Anthony Gaddis Eric Tilford, begins with a clip of Miller working in the studio. The camera follows him into a dark room before launching the viewer into an esoteric world. Classic Mac Miller imagery overlays the psychedelic visuals throughout the video, including concert photos, Miller dancing through the sky, and singing on a mountaintop with a sunset in the background.

The lyrics give deep insight into his state of mind at the time of the recording. Lines like “haven’t seen the sun in a while/but I heard that sky still blue” and “can’t it just be easy/why does everybody need me to stay” highlight his battle with depression and his struggle to find his place in this world.

Watch the music video for “Good News” below.

Mac Miller – “Good News” – [Official Music Video]

[Video: Mac Miller]

On Tuesday, Mac Miller’s family announced the posthumous LP, Circles, which will arrive on January 17th. He had been working on the album before his passing, and it includes songs like “Circles”, “That’s On Me”, “I Can See”, “Hand Me Downs”, and “Once A Day”. Pre-orders are available now on his website.