As if the near-total shutdown of live music across the United States wasn’t bad enough, Magic Beans were dealt a crushing blow over the weekend with the theft of their trailer. The crime occurred Saturday night in the band’s home base of Denver, CO.

In a post made by singer/guitarist Scott Hachey, he noted that the trailer was filled with the band’s entire merchandise inventory. Considering the band has been kept off the road by the pandemic, sales of Magic Beans merch has been the band’s financial lifeline for nearly a year. Attached to the post was a security cam video that shows a suspect unlatching the trailer from the band’s van and hooking it up to a white 2006 Chevy Suburban. Magic Beans’ trailer is silver and has “considerable damage on drivers side” with a plate number OVD673.

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The band is asking for everyone in the Denver area to keep an eye out for the stolen trailer, as well as any resale sites where the perpetrator may attempt to sell the trailer. The have also launched a GoFundMe campaign to help recover the costs of the stolen items.

See Scott Hachey’s full post below considering Magic Beans’ stolen trailer. Anyone with any information relating to the stolen trailer should contact Magic Beans.

Last night the Beans Trailer was STOLEN off of our van and taken. Inside was our entire merch inventory, basically our only life line this whole pandemic. Devastated. Suspect drives a White 2006 Chevy Suburban. Trailer is silver and has considerable damage on drivers side PLATE # OVD673. I’ve reported it and filed an insurance claim. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT IN DENVER AND ON RESALE SITES. Thanks all

In a related story, Arizona-based quartet Spafford is looking for the person who broke into—and it appears briefly lived in—the band’s trailer. The band posted last week that somebody had broken into the trailer, brought in a couch, and even a Christmas tree. In addition to tearing off the door to gain access, the trespasser also broke the back gate in what Spafford coyly referred to as an attempt to enjoy “some desert star-gazing.”

Though no security camera footage is available, the band recovered one clue in the form of a pizza box. It appears that the subject got a Little Ceaser’s pizza delivered to the vicinity and used the name, Tedmund V. Meeks. Anyone with information on the break-in should contact Spafford.