Jerry Garcia’s ex-wife Manasha Garcia and their daughter Keelin Garcia have launched The Jerry Garcia Foundation, a nonprofit charity that supports projects for artistic, environmental, and humanitarian causes. The foundation’s advisory board includes Bob Weir, along with Glenn Fischer, Irwin Sternberg, Daniel Shiner, and TRI Studios CEO Christopher McCutcheon.

Keelin Garcia said, “It is a tremendous honor to participate in nonprofit work that is in accordance with my father’s values.” Manasha Garcia continued, saying “From our very first conversation, I realized Jerry was a compassionate humanitarian as well as a brilliant artist touched by the muses… My husband’s art, music and vision continue to inspire love and appreciation. In many ways, Jerry is still very present. It is a blessing to share his creativity with the community.”

The group’s first project will be to donate several pieces of Jerry Garcia’s art to the Art! Vancouver 2015 exhibition, for which proceeds will support The Sarah McLachlan School of Music. That exhibit will run from May 21-24, and will also feature work from Keelin Garcia, Manasha Garcia, and Roberta Weir. Afterwards, The Jerry Garcia Foundation will bring the exhibit to San Rafael, CA in June, where they will team with DrawBridge to help provide artistic instruction to homeless children.

For more information about the Foundation, head to their official website.