On Saturday, October 3rd, indie-pop/rock pianist/bandleader Marco Benevento took part in Democracy Comes Alive, a one-day, nonpartisan virtual music festival aimed at channeling the power of music to make a critical impact on civic engagement in this November’s elections and beyond. Just as Benevento did for his virtual appearances on Justice Comes Alive and Quarantine Comes Alive earlier this year, the Joe Russo’s Almost Dead keyboardist was joined (remotely) by his backing band—Karina Rykman on bass, and Dave Butler on drums—as the trio delivered a three-song performance including “Oh Baby Can’t You See”, “Solid Gold”, and “You Got Away”.

The 16-minute virtual performance opened with “Oh Baby Can’t You See”, one of the singles from Marco’s latest studio album, 2019’s Let It Slide. The uptempo tune featured a layered vocal effect on Benevento’s part and highlighted a brief but lively drum solo from Butler. “Solid Gold”, another original tune from Let It Slide, came next and offered a slightly softer listening experience in the form of a piano-led indie ballad. To close things out, Benevento utilized the sparkling notation effect from one of his many keyboards on “You Got Away”. The performance of the relaxed tune stretched out to just under six minutes, allowing Benevento the extra room to solo away and unleash a plethora of dreamy instrumentation.

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Relive Marco Benevento’s uplifting three-song performance from Democracy Comes Alive below. If you enjoyed the performance and have the means, consider making a donation to HeadCount and the Democracy Comes Alive artists via DemocracyComesAlive.com.

Marco Benevento – “Oh Baby Can’t You See”, “Solid Gold”, “You Got Away” – Democracy Comes Alive

Benevento and company joined 50+ performers and 10+ other speakers as part of Democracy Comes Alive, presented by Live For Live Music in partnership with voter registration nonprofit HeadCount. The 10-hour streaming event, powered by Nugs.TV and Plus 1, generated $40,000 and counting in funds for HeadCount as well as the participating artists, who remain out of work as the pandemic continues. In addition to the funds generated, Democracy Comes Alive led thousands of people to HeadCount’s tools to check your voter registration status and register to vote. For more information, head here.