Marcus King made his way to St. Petersburg, FL on Tuesday where he got some local support from Sunshine State native Duane Betts. Sharing the stage for King’s encore at Jannus Live, the two formidable fret-pounders traded licks on a cover of the Allman Brothers Band classic “In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed”.

Duane’s father Dickey Betts wrote the instrumental “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” for the Allman Brothers’ 1970 sophomore album Idlewild South. It is the version from 1971’s landmark At Fillmore East, however, that truly brings the song to life as Dickey and the late Duane Allman (for whom Duane Betts was named after) trade explosive improvisation back and forth.

That similar spirit of six-stringed collaboration inspired the cover King and Betts played on Tuesday, and more than likely most every cover of “‘Liz Reed” emitting from any stage, bar, or garage. This was quite literally King’s party, so he took the first solo before turning the ball over to the visiting team.

While both guitarists delivered flurries of high-pitched hammer-ons and bending, what makes “Elizabeth Reed” such an engaging and commonplace cover is its inherent call for cooperation. When King and Betts began working in tandem in the latter half of the song, the jam erupted around the eight-minute mark before a drum break from Jack Ryan brought it home. Duane Betts would stick around to finish out the encore with a cover of “I’m Coming Home”, co-written by Eric Clapton alongside Delaney & Bonnie.

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Watch Duane Betts join Marcus King for a cover of the Allman Brothers Band’s “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” in St. Petersburg, FL. King’s tour continues with a sold-out show tonight, November 10th, in Knoxville, TN. For tickets and tour dates visit his website. Betts, meanwhile, is across the country promoting his new album Wild & Precious Life, with a show tonight in Petaluma, CA. Click here for his tour information.

Marcus King w/ Duane Betts – “In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed” (Allman Brothers Band) – 11/7/23

[Video: Randy Mustaine]