Marcus King was the latest performer to appear on Rolling Stone‘s “In My Room” remote concert series, where the guitarist played a pair of songs from his growing southern rock catalog.

From his house in Nashville, TN and joined by his dog, Ziggy, King gets right down to business by opening the session with “Rita Is Gone”. Unfortunately, somewhere in the first verse, he loses Ziggy’s attention and the dog wanders away, only to return briefly for the refrain. Given the current state of concert cancellations, King is likely grateful for any audience he can get at the moment. “Rita Is Gone”, from The Marcus King Band‘s self-titled sophomore album, took on a different air as King performs by himself. With just his electric semi-hollow body guitar and unamplified voice, he lets the minimalist sound fill his cozy kitchen.

King’s performance was rather brief–compared to many of the other “In My Room” performers who have been opting to play at least three songs–and closes the session with “Wildflowers & Wine”. This song, from the new El Dorado solo album, is much more suited for King’s solitary set up. As he moves through the tender ballad, the only percussive accompaniment he has is his cowboy boots tapping on the hardwood floor. Then, with a tasty outro guitar lick, King is done. Not even a goodbye or “wash your hands.”

Watch the latest installment of Rolling Stone‘s “In My Room” featuring Marcus King below.

Marcus King – ‘In My Room’

King was scheduled to play a string of concerts opening up for Chris Stapleton this month, but those were canceled as a result of COVID-19. His next gig is set to take place on June 6th and 7th at Virgin Fest in Los Angeles, CA. Later in June, he is due to head out on a European tour. As of now, those plans are still on. Stay tuned to his website for any announcements.