Marcus King is the latest artist to appear on the popular video series, “Jam In The Van”, where the guitarist delivered an uplifting message to fans and broadcasted a newer song for the first time during his seven-song set dubbed “#QUARANSTREAM”, amid the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic that has halted the live events industry.

In a video streamed to the “Jam In The Van” YouTube page, the caption stated, “These are crazy times. Happy to welcome back Marcus King for an intimate solo acoustic live stream. No more than 10 people in the van, don’t worry.”

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King started the performance with “Break”, off his 2020 El Dorado album, before launching into a take on Average White Band‘s “Work To Do”. Another El Dorado track followed, this time “Sweet Mariona”, before King took a minute to share a message with the thousands of viewers tuning in.

“It’s kind of a crazy time. If we all just love each other I think we can get through just about anything with love and positivity,” he said. “What I would like to do is something special for everybody. This one is a new one that I just wrote and I thought I’d play it for you now,” before launching into “More Than My Mind”.

While the song seemed to be written about lost love, “More Than My Mind” offered chillingly relatable lyrics to everyone listening: “I’ve been trapped inside this house for so many years it seems/I lose sight of the days, I lose sight of my dreams/And my soul it slips away from me,” King sang with notable power and emotion.

In between the final songs, “One Day She’s Here”, “Love Song”, and “Goodbye Carolina”, Marcus offered insight into his early life, inspiration, and influences. Watch the entire performance below:

Marcus King – Jam In The Van

[Video: Jam In The Van]

Like nearly every other artist in the live events industry, Marcus King has postponed or canceled performances for the foreseeable future. While it is unclear when governments will permit live events once more, many artists like King have committed to a steady dose of live streams like this “Jam In The Van” “#QUARANTSTREAM” and the Live From Out There couch tour series. For the most up-to-date information regarding future shows, head to Marcus King’s website.

Setlist: Marcus King | Jam In The Van | 3/18/20

Set: Break, Work To Do (Average White Band cover), Sweet Mariona, More Than My Mind, One Day She’s Here, Love Song, Goodbye Carolina