Rock guitarist/singer/bandleader Marcus King was the featured interview guest on the latest episode of Andy Frasco‘s World Saving Podcast. On the new episode, which arrived on Tuesday, the two performers discuss all kinds of music-related topics, most notably King’s new side project.

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The interview begins with King and Frasco going back and forth on health-focused habits and King’s pescetarian diet while on tour, his childhood pet pig named Wilbur, steering clear of sleep deprivation, and taking control of his career. The stand-out moment of the episode comes shortly after the 39:00-minute mark, when King reveals he’s been working alongside Black Keys guitarist and notable producer Dan Auerbach.

“Recently, I’ve been working a lot with Dan Auerbach. We just finished a record together” he states almost out of nowhere.

King reveals that the new band is comprised of himself, drummer Gene Chrisman (Aretha Franklin, Bobby Womack), bassist Dave Roe (Jerry Reed), keyboardist Bobby Woods (the Memphis Boys, Elvis Presley), and guitarist Billy Sanford, who’s work includes the lead riff on Roy Orbison‘s “Pretty Woman”.

“This was a different thing,” King continued in explaining how his latest project differs from that of The Marcus King Band. “I was nervous about it. I was excited because what a tremendous opportunity to work with those cats, and they’re all like 80-years-old too. I’m blessed to be able to have worked with them at this late in their lives and they’re still sharp as a tack.”

Auerbach was apparently the man responsible for pitching the new lineup to King.

“This is not a Marcus King band album,” the guitarist continued. ‘And it doesn’t sound like a Marcus King Band record either.”

The project doesn’t have an official name at the moment, but King noted that it may be released under the banner of, simple, “Marcus King.”

“We just wanted to make a classic Americana record. Dan had this idea and we wanted to follow through with it. I think in the long run it’s going to be beneficial to me and all the guys … We all do things separate from this [regarding the Marcus King Band] and that’s all it was, just a separate venture, and it sounds different than anything we would do, ya know? I’m very proud of it. There’s a lot of soulful tunes on this record.”

King goes on to discuss how he completely changed his songwriting style from a solo effort to group collaboration, moving to Nashville to work on the project.

Listen to the entire episode below.

Andy Frasco’s World Saving Podcast: Episode 54 Marcus King

[Audio: Andy Frasco’s World Saving Podcast]

The Marcus King Band is currently on the road throughout the month of August with a mix of headlining dates woven into scheduled performances as support for Chris Stapleton and Gary Clark Jr. Head to the band’s website for tickets and tour info for their upcoming shows.

King’s forthcoming project with Auerbach and company has yet to be detailed, so stay tuned for more details about the guitarist’s latest collaboration in the near future.