At only 20 years old, Marcus King is quickly becoming a phenomenon. It’s no wonder that his stock continues to rise with music appreciators everywhere; the guitarist can really play! He’s a truly soulful musician who hits hos notes in the best way possible, turning the heads of elders like Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks in the process.

The two guitarists – both former members of the now-defunct Allman Brothers Band – appear on The Marcus King Band, the second-ever album from Marcus King and his cohorts. Produced entirely by Warren Haynes, the self-titled album officially releases his Friday, October 7th. Fortunately, Guitar World has premiered the new release for your listening pleasure.

Take a listen to The Marcus King Band, streaming below until its official October 7th release.

“Marcus is the first player I’ve heard since Derek Trucks to play with the maturity of a musician well beyond his age,” says Haynes in the Guitar World article. “He’s very much influenced by the blues, but also by jazz, rock, soul and any timeless genre of music. You can hear the influences, but it all comes through him in his own unique way. He has one of those voices that instantly draws you in, and his guitar playing is an extension of his voice and vice versa.”

You can preorder the new album by heading here. Enjoy!