Marcus King joined forces with Gibson and MyMusicRX this week as the guitarist took park in a live-stream Q&A session and performance of “Where I’m Headed” for hospitalized children and teens across the world. MyMusicRX, the flagship program of Children’s Cancer Center (CCA), brings the healing power of music to children and young adults who face a variety of grave illnesses.

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Before he played the acoustic rendition of “Where I’m Headed”, which originally appeared on The Marcus King Band‘s 2018 album Carolina Confessions, Marcus answered a question from a 14-year-old named Adam, who asked about King’s process for writing a piece of music.

“That can come from a multitude of different places. It’s all about the inspiration that’s inside you,” King posited. “If you can get it out of [your heart] and on to a piece of paper or into a recording, that’s all that matters. You can start with a melody, you can start with a verse, you can start with a chorus; it really all depends on what’s your feeling in your heart.”

With that, King began strumming the opening chords for the song before his vocals took over with the opening lines. While it arrived in a stripped-down fashion when compared to the album recording without the usual backing vocal harmonies, horn section, and guitar solos, this rendition of “Where I’m Headed” contained all of the soul, power, and passion fans have come to expect from the six-string phenom. Sitting in front of a few tour posters and next to his Wurlitzer keyboard, King performed with enough devotion and energy to nearly knock him from his stool at several points throughout the video.

Watch the impassioned performance below.

Marcus King – “Where I’m Headed”

This performance is just the first of several that Marcus King will deliver over the next month for MyMusicRX. In addition to providing viewers with never-before-seen performances of his originals, as well as Q&A sessions, he is asking people to donate to the cause for a chance to win a guitar. Click here for more information and stay tuned to the Gibson Instagram page for future videos from King.