Margo Price made her debut on The Daily Show on Wednesday. The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter sat down with guest host Sarah Silverman to discuss her latest album, Strays II, and her memoir, Maybe We’ll Make It. She also performed a powerful solo rendition of her song “Lydia”.

Silverman opened the interview diving right in with a question about Price’s well-documented appreciation of magic mushrooms and how her psychedelic experiences inspired her recent album.

“It’s been pretty transformative for me. The first time I had a psychedelic trip, I was 20 years old. And I dropped out of college, and moved to Nashville. Highly suggest it for anybody who doesn’t want to get into student loan debt. [laughter] But yeah, then the next time I took it, I wrote this album. And then the third time that I took it, I decided to quit drinking alcohol, which had really been a challenge for me.”

Price went on to school Silverman on the history of psychedelics in Alcoholics Anonymous, explaining that the founder was inspired by a trip of his own and recognized the potential of LSD to evoke spiritual experiences that could help individuals overcome addiction.

“It was after I started reading about Bill Wilson and the work he did with AA. And he initially had a psychedelic experience on a plant called belladonna. And they were actually—at the very beginning moments of AA—they were giving people acid. And it was curing their alcoholism. So I don’t know, if you’re feeling stuck with anything…”

The pair then discussed Price’s memoir, Maybe We’ll Make It, and compared notes about their experiences baring it all on the page. “It’s everybody I’ve slept with, all the drugs I’ve ever done. So sorry, grandma,” Price said of the book.

The conversation then turned to politics and the challenges Price faces as a liberal in the country music world. “I mean, I definitely don’t get invited to all the parties. But that’s okay. Their parties suck,” she quipped after telling the story of how she drove all night to Nashville to vote in the city’s mayoral election and then drove back to play a show in Illinois that night.

Finally, after taking passionate stands on issues ranging from gun control to abortion rights, Price treated the Daily Show audience to a performance of her song “Lydia”.

“I played it for a couple of my friends, and one of them said, ‘Man, that song just really sucks the air out of the room,'” she said of the song. “It doesn’t rhyme, and it’s like six minutes. So I knew that this was the perfect place to come do a song about a hooker contemplating an abortion.”

Watch Margo Price chat with Sarah Silverman and play her song “Lydia” on The Daily Show below.

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Price will perform as part of Orville Peck Rodeo 2023 in Pioneertown, CA this Sunday and will head to Cancun, Mexico in January for the Dead Ahead Festival. The only other tour dates currently on her calendar are in the U.K. and Ireland in January. For a full list of shows and ticketing details, head to Price’s website.

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