C. F. Martin & Company, often referred to as Martin Guitars, has established themselves as one of the world’s leading acoustic guitar manufacturers since being established in 1833. So, it’s no surprise that some of music’s leading axemen and women rely on the brand to purchase and repair their instruments ahead of any big project or tour.

Such was the case for Dead & Company guitarist John Mayer‘s Martin OM-28JM signature models, which was recently featured in a new video shared to Martin’s YouTube and social media pages showcasing the painstaking and carefully-handled process of rebuffing and repairing the guitar that’s worth almost $5,000. While it’s not clear if the guitar featured in the video is one actually used by Mayer on his current summer arena solo tour, it’s fun to see how one of his signature instruments is refurbished with world-class talent.

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The manual process includes the removal of the bridge and frets before the face of the neck is sanded down. The frets are then hammered back in before a new nut and bridge are applied, with the latter requiring a vice to hold it in place while its re-glued to the body. Strings are then reapplied for the finishing touches, and only then is the wonderfully made guitar ready for playing covers of “Friend of the Devil” live on stage.

Watch the entire process unfold below.

Martin Guitar – Repairing John Mayer’s OM28JM

[Video: Martin Guitar]