The title Long Strange Trip seems fitting, as it’s been years since a Grateful Dead documentary project was announced featuring director Amir-Bar Levy and producers Martin Scorsese and Eric Eisner. The documentary was initially planned to coincide with the Dead’s 50th anniversary in 2015, but was continually sidelined. Now, however, Deadline reports that the new documentary has been added to the Sundance Film Festival lineup.

This will be the world premiere of Long Strange Trip, which is set for the film festival between January 19-29. No word yet on the specific date that Long Strange Trip will be aired, but the festival is set to return to Park City, Utah.

The long-awaited documentary will chronicle the band’s 50 year history and more, including tons of footage from the Grateful Dead archives. Justin Kreutzmann, son of drummer Bill Kreutzmann, was also involved with the project.

We can’t wait for the wide release of this documentary!

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