Last week, the Rototom Sunsplash Festival in Spain decided to issue Jewish hip hop artist Matisyahu an ultimatum: either release a statement or video supporting Palestine, or be removed from the festival lineup. When Matisyahu refused to cross those lines, he was officially replaced on the lineup.

European Festival Tried To Force Matisyahu Into Releasing A Pro-Palestinian Video

When word spread of this unfortunate decision, the festival quickly issued a public apology and invited Matisyahu back to the festival. It seems that the festival was threatened by the BDS, a group that supports Palestinian causes. When Matisyahu accepted the invitation, members of the BDS showed up to protest the performance. That’s when Matisyahu got the last laugh, as the singer performed his tune “Jerusalem” in spite of the commotion.

All the while, Matisyahu conveyed a message of peace and love to his audience… and isn’t that what music should be all about?