Every year, there is a flood of full length Christmas albums released, full of cheery and upbeat covers of Christmas classics. Then every mall and radio station in the country plays that Mariah Carey song over, and over, and over again. Seriously, since when did that song become the official song of Christmas? What happened to Jingle Bells? Where’s Bing Crosby?

But I digress, the world needs more Hanukkah songs. It seems like the only one anyone knows is Adam Sandler’s, and that was like fifteen years ago. In comes Matisyahu, everyone’s favorite Jewish rapper, to save the day with his new track ‘Happy Hanukkah’, which has just been released through iTunes, Amazon, and Matisyahuworld.com. This is actually Matisyahu’s second Hanukkah song – his first, ‘Miracle’, was released in 2010.

Matisyahu is set to hit the road on his ‘Festival of Lights’ tour which will mix small acoustic shows with his traditional live band shows. He’ll be at Terminal 5 with the full band on December 15, and at the Paramount Theater in Huntington on February 13. Expect Hanukkah festivities.