Months and months agoMedeski Martin & Wood released an image of themselves working in the studio with noted jazz guitarist John Scofield. It seems that project has finally come to fruition, as the four musicians have announced their album, Juice, will be released on September 16th. 

In describing the project, Medeski wrote, “The blueprint for Juice was found in a compilation of African-derived music put together by drummer Billy Martin and shared among the ensemble. We all love music from Brazil, the Caribbean, and Latin America, and it has always been intertwined with jazz, We got together and started exploring that connection in our own way.”

The band has released the opening track, “Sham Time,” via Paste Magazine. You can listen below:

The track listing for the new album can be seen below. It includes covers from Bob Dylan, The Doors, Cream, and many more. Dig it:

Sham Time
North London
Louis The Shoplifter
Juicy Luicy
I Know You
Light My Fire
Sunshine Of Your Love
The Times They Are A-Changin

The quartet will also be performing a handful of shows, in San Francisco and across Canada. You can see those dates here.

-David Melamed (@DMelamz)