It’s safe to say that the majority of the music written by Metallica was not meant to be performed lightly. The idea of comparing the famous thrash metal band’s material to that of soothing instrumentals worthy of inspiring sleep and meditation would seem ludicrous. Yet, that’s how online musician Rob Scallon interprets the band’s music, as one of the best videos from his viral catalog is an unusual, but fun cover of Metallica’s 1985 hard-hitting song, “For Whom The Bell Tolls”. What makes Scallon’s cover of the song so unique? Perhaps it’s the fact that Scallon took things a bit too literally and performed the song entirely with bells, in addition to a few other enjoyable instruments.

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Metallica’s music has been played on child-like instrumentation to much delight of the Internet in the past, but Scallon’s rendition of “For Whom The Bell Tolls” reaches new territory thanks to his wonderful use of bear bells, non bear desk bells, and xylophone. Even the soothing use of a Tibetan singing bowl chimes in to provide a soft wave of relaxation to the performance. Watch and listen to the strangely fun cover below.

Rob Scallon – “For Whom The Bell Tolls” 

[Video: Rob Scallon]

What is it about Metallica’s music that continues to inspire the Internet to put in the time and effort to produce such viral-worthy covers? Perhaps it’s the band’s own unique cover attempts which continue to set the standard for putting a fresh spin on old fan favorites. Regardless, fans can sleep well knowing that the Internet will never cease in providing content worthy of wasting five minutes of your day, one metal anthem at a time.

Metallica is currently on tour in Europe throughout the spring and summer months, but will return to their native area of Northern California for a performance alongside the San Francisco Symphony on September 6th to celebrate the opening of San Francisco’s newest major music venue, Chase Center.