Phish bassist Mike Gordon took to social media Tuesday to show off his latest toy, coming in the form of a MIDI n’goni harp played by multi-instrumentalist Craig Myers.

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While enjoying his two-weeks off between Phish’s New Year’s Eve run at Madison Square Garden and embarking on his solo tour, Gordon gave fans a glimpse of what he called a “new invention.” According to Gordon, Ben Lewry of Visionary Instruments took two years “to create an n’goni that’s both MIDI digital as well as analog”. As if this Frankenstein instrument wasn’t crazy enough, the video gets even more bizarre as he scoots away from the camera and starts playing an electric guitar to accompany Myers on the harp.

“So this way, Craig and I get together and we’re trying to decipher the technology of a new instrument never played before by humans in this particular combination of forms,” Gordon said in the video.

Gordon confirmed in the Twitter caption that the MIDI n’goni harp will be on hand for his upcoming tour and that it’s “gonna open up a whole new world of sound.”

Check out the video of Mike Gordon and Craig Myers jamming on the brand-new MIDI n’goni harp from Gordon’s Twitter.

Tickets and a full list of dates for Mike Gordon’s upcoming solo tour are available on his website.