On his latest Under The Scales podcast episode, host and lyricist Tom Marshall welcomed Phish bassist Mike Gordon to discuss a wide array of topics. The episode was a “part two” continuation of last week’s Under The Scales episode, as Tom and Mike had so much to discuss at length, that the conversation ultimately ended up being too long for a single podcast episode.

Tom and Mike begin the episode by discussing Mike’s songwriting partner, bandmate, and longtime friend, Scott Murawski. Mike explains that he’s had all sorts of epiphanies throughout his life. Making music and writing with Scott was one of those moments. Mike continues discussing Scott’s free-flowing spirit (opposite of himself) and how their personalities balance each other out. Mike describes Scott as very relaxed and always wanting to go with the flow, opposed to Mike being extremely goal-oriented and needing to stick to regiments and lists. Mike and Scott make it a point to have a Skype session every Wednesday night when possible, to write, create, and goof around.

Tom then walks through Mike’s solo project studio releases, starting with 2008’s Green Sparrow. Tom expresses his love for the track “Andelman’s Yard”. Mike explains his songwriting process during “Andelman’s”, which took a month to write. Mike would spend seven hours a day locked in a room, and then go out at night and walk around. He’d bang on a mail box and record the sound, and then realize the next morning that he wanted to incorporate the banging sound on the track. Mike jokes that there’s probably 22 weird sounds like that on the album.

Tom and Mike continue discussing Mike’s albums including 2010’s Moss, 2014’s Overstep, and his most recent studio release, 2017’s OGOGO. Mike expresses his admiration for producer Shawn Everett. Mike says, “Shawn was the perfect match for a producer. This album marked a special period for my band, where we really started clicking and grooving. Robert Walter and John Kimock have been great additions to the band.”

Tom and Mike’s “part two” conversation also covers Mike’s devotion to communicating with his fans, writing in his journal, and his recent process of listening back through Phish and solo shows to create “best of” playlists. The tables then turn and Mike asks Tom a series of question surrounding his songwriting process.

Listen to Tom Marshall’s recent Under The Scales part two episode with Mike Gordon below:

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