On his latest Under The Scales podcast episode, host and lyricist Tom Marshall welcomed Phish bassist Mike Gordon to discuss a wide array of topics. Tom and Mike had so much to discuss at length, that the conversation ultimately ended up being too long for a single podcast episode. Marshall will be releasing part two of his discussion with Mike Gordon next Monday, February 18th.

Tom and Mike begin the episode by discussing Phish’s “Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S.” New Year’s Eve gag, which leads to Mike revealing his fear of heights. Overcoming any fear, Mike reminisces on how perfect the situation was, floating in “thin air”, and thanks the universe for allowing and presenting the amazing moment. Mike jokes, “During rehearsal, I just didn’t wanna come down. I wanted to stay up there and float”. Mike also ended up being a huge fan of attaching a GoPro camera to his bass, despite initial doubt and fear of the apparatus interrupting his playing.

Mike goes on to discuss Phish’s Kasvot Växt inspiration and preparation. He explains that the band was planning on using the same disco balls and projectors that were set up at Curveball, inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena, but they decided to ditch the props and original song ideas entirely. He goes on to explain that the band thought they could do better. Kasvot Växt came together in a matter of three days, other than refining some lyrics and arrangements.

The most whimsical part of the episode came next, when Mike discussed a conversation he had with the late Who bassist John Entwistle for his 2002 film, Rising Low. Mike laughed and joked about slightly considering joining The Who after Entwistle died in 2002, but we all know that never ended up coming to fruition. Tom and Mike’s “part one” conversation also covers Mike’s inspiration from Phil Lesh, an in-depth analysis of the technology behind his light-up bass he plays with his solo outfit, his approach to songwriting, and much more.

Listen to Tom Marshall’s recent Under The Scales part one episode with Mike Gordon below:

Next week, Tom Marshall and Mike Gordon will continue to dig deep with part two of their Under The Scales discussion. Head to the podcast’s website for more information.