Unbeknownst to Brian Wilson, a touring version of the Beach Boys will continue to tour in the fall, after their 50th anniversary reunion tour, however with only Mike Love and Bruce Johnson, among other hired musicians.  Brian Wilson was surprised by the news stating, “I wasn’t aware that Mike has some shows in South America… News to me.”  Wilson, for his part, remains optimistic about the future of this iteration of the Beach Boys, telling Rolling Stone “There has been talk of doing more shows with the Boys and possibly a new record, which I would love to do…this reunion is blowing my mind.”

Brian Wilson had been touring as a solo artist for nearly 24 years, while Mike Love has been licensing the Beach Boys name and touring with his own band for nearly 14. Wilson, Love, and the surviving original Beach Boys are currently in the midst of a massive tour celebrating their 50th anniversary.

A recently added Beach Boys date had them set to perform at Nutty Jerry’s in Texas.  The venue cancelled the show and released this statement, “The group that was scheduled to perform at Nutty Jerry’s is not the same lineup as the current ‘Beach Boys 50th Anniversary’ tour… As a result Nutty Jerry’s did not feel that we could advertise the show as the ‘original’ Beach Boys.  Nutty Jerry’s regrets the misunderstanding and any inconvenience to our loyal customers.”