Mimi Naja has shared “Coin In My Pocket”, the second single off her forthcoming solo EP, Nothing Has Changed. Available on April 2nd, the five-track collection comes as the Fruition multi-instrumentalist’s sophomore solo release.

In “Coin In My Pocket”, Naja addresses her recent entry into recovery for substance abuse. According to a press release, as COVID-19 ravaged the world Naja found solace in entering a substance treatment program and has been sober since April 2020. The titular “Coin In My Pocket” refers to the chip given out by Alcoholics Anonymous to commemorate her length of sobriety.

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While this is far from the first song ever written about sobriety, Naja’s outlook on the subject is uplifting. The bouncy, happy-go-lucky nature of “Coin In My Pocket” focuses on the enhanced outlook that comes with long-term sobriety as the world appears in clearer colors. Rather than dwelling on the mistakes of the past, Naja instead looks forward to the path ahead, walking along with that “Coin In My Pocket”.

Watch the new music video for “Coin In My Pocket” from Mimi Naja, directed by Deren Ney. Click here to pre-order Nothing Has Changed, out on April 2nd. A signed, limited-edition poster is available alongside digital and physical copies of the EP. Scroll down to see the full lyrics.

Mimi Naja – “Coin In My Pocket” 

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“Coin In My Pocket” Lyrics

I keep my pointer and my thumb

On a coin in my pocket

Coin in my pocket, coin in my pocket

Giving me one thing


I can hold on to I don’t go searching for

A wishing well to drop it

Wishing well to drop it, wishing well to drop it

Holding it tight, for dear life


It’s changing colors with the seasons

Red, gold, and green

I don’t owe you any reasons

But I’ll show you what it means


And every morning

I’m-a thinking I’m a busy little bee

A busy little bee, a busy little bee

But every little thing is waiting on me


Before you know it all my plans

Just fall into my hands

Fall into my hands, fall into my hands

Don’t go buzzin’ around for what I need


It’s changing colors with the seasons

Red, gold, and green

I don’t owe you any reasons

But I’ll show you what it means


And if you want it for yourself

You know, I got one for ya

I got one for ya, I got one for ya

After all, mine was given to me


And when you feel the jingle jangle

Of the coin in your pocket

Coin in your pocket, coin in your pocket

Remember that there’s nothing more that you need


It’s changing colors with the seasons

Red, gold and green

You don’t owe me any reasons

You’ll know just what it means

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