Free Press Summer Festival in Houston saw their innovative mobile beer-ordering service take off this year, making waves and potentially revolutionizing the way that music festivals sell alcohol. This new app powered by Tapin2 and designed by Float Hybrid was integrated into the festival’s existing phone app and let fans over the age of 21 skip the beer lines totally, instead allowing them to order via the mobile app. Once their drinks were ordered, people were directed to pick up their beers at any of the designated tents around the festival, making this a win-win for beer drinkers who got to get back to the music ASAP without fumbling around with cash or credit cards and for drink vendors, who could serve brews more efficiently.

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While one can easily imagine the potential problems that might have developed with this implementation of this true technological marvel, the service seems to have gone off without a hitch. In a recent press release about the service, Float Hybrid noted that the average transaction time for those using the order-ahead feature of the app was only 1.5 minutes and that 100% of customers surveyed responded that they were satisfied by the experience after using the beer-ordering app. The festival previously used a version of the order-ahead beer app last year, this year’s festival saw the use of the app grow 18%, with a full three-fourths of the festival’s attendees adopting it.

Free Press Summer Festival is clearly ahead of the curve with this digital feature, but we can only hope that we start seeing this technology pop up at other events around the country. While many of us savor the greater ability to disconnect from technology for a few days over the course of a music festival, this might be one exception everyone is down with.