Moby has a new album out, but you won’t be able to listen to it on Apple Music of Spotify. The popular DJ quietly released his new ambient album (plenty of pun intended) through the meditation app Calm, in hopes of allowing subscribers to use the relaxing music as an aid to their next Transcendental Meditation session.

Titled, Long Ambients 2, Moby’s new album acts as the musical sequel to the electronic musician’s 2016 Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep. LP, and was released on Friday, March 15th in celebration of World Sleeping Day. While most artists use their recorded music to make a monetary profit in this capitalistic cesspool of an industry, Moby actually composed the music heard on his new album specifically to help him sleep, meditate and relax. The album includes a total of six tracks, which each running at an approximate 37-minutes in length.

“I originally made these songs for myself because I couldn’t find this type of music anywhere,” Moby said in a statement about his latest studio release. “‘Long Ambients 2’ was designed to help me sleep and to help other people find calm and maybe get a good night’s sleep. I hope to share it with other people who have sleep issues or battle anxiety or have a hard time calming themselves down.”

“We’re thrilled that Moby chose to launch his new album on Calm Music in a way that has never been done before,” the app added in their own statement. “Music is the universal language; so, it makes perfect sense that it’s such a big and growing part of Calm and our mission to make the world happier and healthier.”

Fans can hear Moby talk more about his sleep-inspiring music in the video below.

Moby – Long Ambients 2 Album Preview

[Video: Calm]

The arrival of Long Ambients 2 on Friday follows the March 2018 release of Moby’s last studio effort, Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt. Fans can download the Calm app to hear the new album in full, while also hopefully reaching new levels of zen and relaxation.

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