On Friday night, moe. and Blues Traveler continued their All Roads Runaround tour featuring G. Love with a stop at Boston, MA’s Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion.

Moe. and Blues Traveler’s collaborative set came before moe.’s closing performance, which began with a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” featuring moe.’s Al Schnier and Jim Loughlin and Blues Traveler’s John Popper and Ben Wilson. With all members of moe. along with Wilson and his bandmate Chan Kinchla, the all-star cast worked through a powerful rendition of Neil Young‘s “Down By The River”. Following a G. Love “Rap Groove”, all members of Blues Traveler and G. Love worked through The Beatles‘ “Come Together”. Staying in a similar theme, the collaborative set came to a close with The Who‘s “Join Together”, which featured all members of moe., Blues Traveler, and G. Love.

moe. opened up their performance with the Rob Derhak-led “Same Old Story”, off of the band’s 2014 No Guts, No Glory release. The band continued with “New Hope For The New Year” before soaring into a seamless segue of “Captain America”, “Crushing”, “Opium”, Y.O.Y.”, “CalifornIA”, and a set-closing take on Buster”. Moe. delivered a lone encore of House of Pain‘s “Jump Around”, with the rowdy Boston crowd singing along to the classic hip-hop tune.

Moe. and Blues Traveler’s tour continues tonight, Saturday, July 20th with a performance at Wallingford, CT’s Oakdale Theatre. For a full list of moe.’s upcoming tour dates, ticketing, and more information, head to the band’s website.

Setlist: moe. | Rockland Trust Pavilion | Boston, MA | 7/19/2019

Set: Same Old Story, New Hope For The New Year, Captain America > Crushing > Opium, Y.O.Y. > CalifornIA > Buster

Encore: Jump Around

Collaborative set:

Little Wing*, Down By The River**, G. Love Rap Groove^, Come Together^^, Join Together%

Notes: * w/ Ben Wilson, Al Schnier, Jim Loughlin, John Popper
** w/ all members of moe. & Ben Wilson, Chan Kinchla
^ w/ Chuck Garvey, Jim Loughlin, Brendan Hill, Ben Wilson, Tad Kinchla, John Popper
^^ w/ all members of Blues Traveler & G. Love
% w/ all members of moe., Blues Traveler, and G. Love