For the second night running, beloved jam band moe. brought the heat to The Fillmore Philadelphia for their “Tarantino. Halloweenoe.” run. The band got things started on night one with a show full of both classics from Tarantino movies, as well as reworded moe. classics to make them thematically-appropriate. Listen to it here.

That trend continued on night two with a great performance, opening with a twangy take on the classic Kill Bill instrumental, “Battle Without Honor Or Humility.” After playing “Annihilation Blues,” the band broke into The Centurion’s “Bullwinkle Part II” from Pulp Fiction. A play on “Shoot First” came next called “Shot Marvin,” referencing the classic accidental death of Marvin in Pulp Fiction. After “CalifornIA,” the band closed out their set with a parody of “Head” called “Ear,” a call back to Reservoir Dogs.

The band opened up their second set with “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” a la Pulp Fiction, before playing a parody of “Timmy Tucker” called “Vinny Vega” – another Pulp Fiction reference. Next up was “Rumble” from Pulp Fiction as well, before the band played a rendition of “Bring You Down” called “Budd.”

The Pulp Fiction set continued with “Jungle Boogie” and a “Watching Pulp Fiction” that was a parody of moe.’s own “Stranger Than Fiction.” Finally, they ended the set with the theme from “Kill Bill.”

With still time to burn in the set, the band brought back the Pulp Fiction vibes for a rendition of Chuck Berry’s “You Can Never Tell” and closed out the show with an amazing 26 minute version of “Recreational Chemistry.” What a show!

You can check out the full audio below, courtesy of taper Marcus.

Setlist: moe. at The Fillmore Philadelphia, PA – 10/29/16

I: Battle Without Honor Or Humility >(nh) Annihilation Blues, Bullwinkle Part II, Shot Marvin (Shoot First) > CalifornIA > Ear (Head)

II: Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon, Vinny Vega (Timmy Tucker) > Rumble > Budd (Bring You Down) > Jungle > Watching Pulp Fiction (Stranger Than Fiction), Kill Bill

Encore: You Can Never Tell, Recreational Chemistry