While the pandemic has kept moe. off the road and out of the studio, percussionist Jim Loughlin hasn’t stopped pursuing his solo endeavors. Last week, the multi-instrumentalist released a collection of four songs on his Bandcamp, optimistically titled The First.

Recorded from his home studio, the four-track EP finds Loughlin manning every instrument and even providing vocals. While he is largely associated with playing the vibraphone in a live setting, in addition to other percussive outlets, The First allows Loughlin to confidently take on guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and, yes, his trusty vibraphone. The finished product of The First sounds markedly similar to moe.’s catalog, and it’s not inconceivable that a track or two could end up in the band’s live repertoire once they resume touring.

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The opening bass slap of “Edwin” sounds like it could have been delivered by Rob Derhak himself, while the proceeding dual guitar rundown could easily lend itself to the tag team of Al Schnier and Chuck Garvey. At times, however, Loughlin’s harder, metal leanings shine through the tracks as they go beyond the moe.-sphere and manifest themselves as something truly original.

Stream moe. percussionist Jim Loughlin’s latest solo offering The First on his Bandcamp.

Jim Loughlin – The First