Two creative forces in the bass guitar community, MonoNeon and Flea, joined forces on Tuesday for some low-end jamming. A pair of short clips of their meetup were shared on Tuesday in a post on MonoNeon’s social media.

The clips see MonoNeon (Prince, Ghost-Note) in his trademark colorful attire seated beside the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, who also did his best to dress the part for the occasions with a tie-dye sweatpants/sweatshirt combination. The melodic snippets themselves are relatively tame when you consider the prodigious chops of both players, but they’re enough to pique fans’ excitement about what the rest of this jam session—and any potential future collaborations—might sound like.

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While we don’t know what may come of the MonoNeon x Flea connection, it’s clear the two musicians share a mutual respect. As Flea noted along with a slew of emojis in the post’s comment section, “So glad to connect Mono, you radiate all the good stuff.”

Watch the clips below:


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MonoNeon started the new year with the release of his latest experimental funk album, Banana Peel on Capitol Hill, back on January 4th. Click here to stream the album in full on Bandcamp.