MonoNeon could be considered one of the best-kept secrets in music today. Though he’s primarily known by fans within the funk and jam band circles, the talented bassist and guitarist has built a following thanks to his incredible musicianship and collaborative projects both in the studio and live on stage.

The latest original single from the colorfully-dressed musician shared on Monday entitled, “Invisible”, is just the latest in a line of solo recordings which MonoNeon has released independently (usually via his Bandcamp page) over the past few years. The lively song expands MonoNeon’s capabilities as a performer as it’s possibly the first original tune that really does a fine job in highlighting his singing abilities, which are surprisingly as smooth and enjoyable to listen to as his one-of-a-kind bass riffs – watch out Leon Bridges!

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The song charges forward with a sturdy rhythm and a groovy bassline, but it’s MonoNeon’s engaging vocals that drive the tune, especially once listeners reach the uber-catchy chorus section for the first time. The lyrics, “You can be whoever you want/And no one’s gonna judge ya/And you ain’t got nothing to prove,” seem to echo MonoNeon’s personal ethos, as anyone who has ever watched him perform live knows that his on-stage attire alone places him in a league of his own when it comes to inspiring individualism and expressive creativity.

The song was tracked in Los Angeles last month with help from drummer/producer Davy Nathan, MonoNeon tells Rolling Stone.

Stream the latest single from MonoNeon below, which is available for digital purchase on his Bandcamp.

MonoNeon – “Invisible”

[Video: MonoNeon]