The Moonshiner’s Ball will return to Livingston, KY’s Rockcastle Riverside for its sixth annual event, set for October 10th-13th, 2019.

On Wednesday, The Moonshiner’s Ball unveiled their 2019 musical lineup with TAUK, Rayland Baxter, and Sinkane topping the bill. The four-day event will also see performances by Brass Against, Lillie Mae, The Wooks, Senora May, The Ghost of Paul Revere, Magnolia Boulevard, Vintage Pistol, Good Morning Bedlam, Joslyn & The Sweet Compression, Chelsea Nolan, Johnny Conqueroo, Bendigo Fletcher, Mama Said String Band, Wayne Graham, and many more.

The Moonshiner’s Ball notes that fans should, “Trust that every musician, artist, poet, dancer, yogi, chef, merchant and volunteer has been painstakingly curated to maximize your experience. The Ball is not a corporate mega-festival. It is homegrown and musician-run. The artists are selected because they are original, because they will compel you to dance, or to think; to instill in you great calm, spontaneous joy or righteous fury.”

Tickets for The Moonshiner’s Ball are currently on sale here.

See below for The Moonshiner’s Ball’s full 2019 lineup. Head to the festival’s website for more information.