Your much-needed break from COVD-19 content: A YouTuber named Jamel_AKA_Jamal recently posted a video showing his reaction to the Oysterhead favorite, “Mr. Oysterhead”. Throughout the video, Jamal dances, analyzes lyrics and, of course, provides picturesque, involuntary stank-faces.

He begins by briefly introducing the song—which was, of course, written by the supergroup’s Les Claypool (Primus), Trey Anastasio (Phish), and Stewart Copeland (The Police). Within seconds of listening, a smile edges across his face, and an audible “DAMN!” rings out. “Oooh’s” and “ahhh’s” could be heard as his head bops along to the groove.

After 30 seconds, Jamal is moved to hit pause and take a breather. “Bruh, i-if-if-if this FUNK, alright, is gon’ be like this the whole way through, I don’t know if I’m gon’ make it! We are 30 seconds in and the stank face has arrived,” he exclaims before pressing play yet again.

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As the end of the song’s opening section moves towards the first verse, his dancing becomes more erratic. While reading the lyrics on-screen, he attempts to sing along with Claypool. After taking a second to comment on the lyrics, Jamal listens intensely to Anastasio’s solo and the jaw-dropping groove from Claypool that follows.

“Now, I don’t care what nobody says. I don’t care. There’s no way you can deny this funk,” he says as he speaks to the camera closely. “My brain is just on fire right now!”

After a few more minutes of dancing along, the song ends and Jamal adds an additional first-timer insight: “Trey, he had to be on that guitar. My goodness. He was making that thing talk!”

Maybe next time Jamal will take a deep dive into the depths of Phish‘s catalog. Until then, watch his Oysterhead reaction video below and head to his YouTube page for more reactions.

Jamel_AKA_Jamal (Reaction) – Oysterhead – “Mr. Oysterhead”

[Video: Jamel_AKA_Jamal]

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