MUN is back! Their upcoming EP “Alchemy” is a genre bending hybrid of Rock, EDM, Funk, Jazz, DnB,& Hip-Hop. The first single “Hustler”, showcases the breadth of their sound with its mind-bending guitar solo’s, Atari-esque synth effects, hypnotic bass and pounding drums. The upcoming release is slated for April 16th and will be available for free download via the group’s Bandcamp.

“Alchemy” represents a shift from MUN’s all improv roots to a more composed approach which intertwines live improvisation with structured compositions that consistently keep the listener grooving and shaking. Along with an appearance at Rock n Roll Resort v3 Tiny Rager on April 12th, be sure to come out to their “Alchemy” album release party on April 20th as part of the Rocks Off Concert Cruise series with special guest Kloptoscope!

For an exclusive Live For Live Music listen of “Hustler” see below:

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