Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has teased a new song from the band during an Instagram Live session on Christmas Day. The song came as a pleasant surprise to fans as it showcased a much different sound than many have come to expect from the English trio.

With his son belted in the passenger seat next to him, Bellamy took to Instagram while driving on Saturday. In a clip shared to Twitter by user @AgitatedFury, the vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist played the unreleased Muse track through his car speakers. At first, the song carried Muse’s defining alt-space-rock sound, replete with cascading synth lines and limitless vocals from Bellamy.

Halfway through the 46-second video, he gave a chuckle as the song worked its way to a metal-infused breakdown. Beefy bass lines from Chris Wolstenholme and thunderous pounding on the drums from Dominic Howard provided a surface for heavily distorted chugging on Bellamy’s guitar. The video continued with a “Here we go” from the driver’s seat while the camera turned to his son who headbanged over some growling screams—something not heard in Muse’s catalog to this point.

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Check out a clip of the new Muse song below.

While no official release date has been announced, Bellamy did tell The Sun in October 2020 that the band has started working on a new record. As far as tour dates are concerned, the three-piece will hit the road next summer for an expansive tour in Europe, including a spot at Mad Cool Festival. Head to the band’s website for tickets and additional tour information.

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