MUSE have announced the release of an upcoming film based around their 2018 Simulation Theory album that looks to bridge the gap between a concert experience and feature film.

Simulation Theory, the film, is out on digital platforms on August 21st and will begin showing in IMAX theaters on August 17th.

The trailer for Simulation Theory, released on Tuesday, contains some eerily similar elements to the current state of the world. As far as the fictional storyline goes, workers in protective hazmat suits “Investigate the source of a paranormal anomaly appearing around the world,” according to a press release. In this reality, the outbreak of sorts results in a kind of zombie/mutant hybrid, but the use of the word “quarantine” in the trailer is a spooky enough coincidence.

The concert portion of the film was captured during the band’s performance at London’s 02 Arena in September 2019 in the midst of the band’s world tour in support of the album. The film is directed by Lance Drake (who also directed all the promotional videos for Simulation Theory), and produced by MUSE, Pulse Films, Lance Drake, Jesse-Lee Stout, and Matthew Bellamy.

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“The goal for Simulation Theory was to capture the scale of the electrifying live show and to expand upon its connection to the DNA of the world we built for the past three years in music videos for Muse,”Drake said in a statement. “In a strange turn, the film’s alternate reality eerily started to mirror our own.”

Watch the trailer for the MUSE film Simulation Theory, available everywhere on August 21st. For more information on where to see or purchase the movie, click here.

MUSE – Simulation Theory (Official Trailer)

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