Muse has shared a brand new single and music video for “Won’t Stand Down”. This latest release marks the band’s first new music since the 2018 Simulation Theory album.

Back on Christmas Day, frontman Matt Ballamy teased the song during an Instagram Live session, pleasantly shocking fans who tuned in with what sounded like an exploration of new sonic territory for the band. Thursday’s arrival of the full track hears the band delve into areas of metal and much heavier rock than is present on previous albums, while also incorporating the alternative space-rock and electronica elements that dominate records like AbsolutionBlack Holes and Revelations, and The Resistance.

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“‘Won’t Stand Down’ is a song about standing your ground against bullies, whether that be on the playground, at work or anywhere,” explained Bellamy in a press release. “Protecting yourself from coercion and sociopathic manipulation and to face adversity with strength, confidence and aggression.”

While this latest single didn’t come paired with an LP announcement, the press release notes that Muse is “currently working on more new music.”

Back in a May 2020 interview, Bellamy told Rolling Stone, “we’re planning on getting together, ideally in the place we all came together, Devon in Southwest England, and sort of get back to our original ways. And even get back to the way we originally used to make music by meeting a couple of times a week to rehearse.”

Watch the Jared Hogan-directed music video for “Won’t Stand Down”, filmed in Kyiv, Ukraine, via the video player below. Furthermore, listen to the song on the platform of your choice, here.

Muse – “Won’t Stand Down” (Official Music Video)

Despite no official announcement on a forthcoming album, Muse has plenty of tour dates scheduled for this summer in Europe. The trio will travel through Germany, Austria, Italy, England, Hungary, Greece, Switzerland, and France throughout June and July, including a stop at Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, Spain on July 8th. Head to the band’s website for tickets and a full list of tour dates.

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