The New Mastersounds‘ guitarist and bandleader Eddie Roberts has partnered his organization, The Payback, with The Sound Mind Collective and Color Red to launch the Musicians’ Emergency Relief Fund. The fund will benefit musicians who face economic hardships as a result of the virtual shutdown of all live events due to the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19.

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While The Payback initially focused on combating youth and families experiencing homelessness in cities across the U.S., Roberts and the rest of his partners in the organization, along with The Soul Mind Collective and Color Red, saw it necessary to shift the focus towards supporting those who may be struggling to make rent and mortgage payments and cover immediate housing necessities. Eligible applicants will receive microgrants ranging from $100-$500 for housing, food, medical care, and other necessities.

“Musicians who rely on live performance to keep a roof over their heads and provide basic needs for themselves and their families are on the frontline of the economic crisis caused by this worldwide pandemic,” Roberts said in a press release. “It seemed appropriate that The Payback switched its focus to supporting the most at-risk musicians from falling through the cracks during this time,” he continued.

Multiple companies have already joined in donating, including Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom‘s owner, Scott Morrill.

“This is an extremely difficult time for musicians who make their living from performing live shows. With so much uncertainty in how long this pandemic will last, it’s more important than ever for those that can help to chip in. Eddie has always been very thoughtful with raising money for different charities in the past and continues to help the music community with the Musicians’ Emergency Relief Fund,” said Morrill, who has been a longtime partner and supporter of The Payback and The New Mastersounds.

Visit the Musicians’ Emergency Relief Fund website for more information, to donate, and to apply for assistance. The organization will review applications in the order they are received.