While 2020 was a devastating year for musicians around the world, one of the undisputed champions to come out of the quarantine era was Nandi Bushell. Last year, the 10-year-old British girl entered into—and won—an internet drumming competition with Dave Grohl. The two have since formed an allegiance and are planning to collaborate on a song in the future. All of this came in addition to her viral-friendly YouTube channel, which boasts over a quarter of a million subscribers. On Sunday, Nandi Bushell added to her ever-expanding trove of drum covers with a take on The Who‘s “My Generation”.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Bushell takes on one of the greatest rock drummers of all time with Keith Moon. Taken from The Who’s 1965 album of the same name, “My Generation” finds Bushell channeling that chaotic energy that pulsates throughout the entire band, with extra emphasis on the erratic fills. All the while, Bushell makes it look easy by nonchalantly twirling a drumstick during breaks. She even went so far as to redecorate her rehearsal space with a blinding, DayGlo color scheme of duct tape to give the performance an authentic counter-culture aesthetic.

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The song choice was no accident. In addition to being one that shows off her immense skills, the lyrics speak to Bushell’s position among the next generation of musicians. She said in the video’s description,

WARNING: Extreme Awesomeness and Flashing Lights! Bruh! Keith Moon!!! Unreal! This one is for you Mooney! One of the most difficult covers I have ever made. I think this song really suits my style. Fast, Fun and Rocking with a Punk edge!

Watch Nandi Bushell cover “My Generation” by The Who.

Nandi Bushell – “My Generation” (The Who)

[Video: Nandi Bushell]