NBC News correspondent Katy Tur wears several different hats within the network’s news infrastructure. In addition to serving as the anchor for MSNBC Live and reporting for Early TodayTodayNBC Nightly NewsMeet The Press, and more, Tur serves as the network’s resident Phish fanatic, frequently working subtle references to the band’s music into her on-air news scripts.

Watch Reporters Katy Tur And Jake Sherman Trade Low-Key Phish References On MSNBC

Last night, as the host of a special Monday evening edition of Meet The Press Daily, Tur continued her incognito on-air Phish references with perhaps her most elaborate nod to the Vermont jam band yet, even giving fans a heads-up beforehand:

During the broadcast, Katy made a litany of references to the Burlington-born foursome, even going as far as to use a “Divided Sky” text graphic as part of a segment. You can catch a compilation of last night’s various Katy Tur Phish references below, courtesy of Twitter user @Lynn Kestenbaum:

Katy responded to the compilation tweet the way any true Phish nerd would: by pointing out that the user who made the video of all the references actually missed a few details of the Phish-ified broadcast package:

Much like the rest of the Phish universe, Katy has had the Baker’s Dozen on the brain for the last few weeks. Just take a look at her Twitter feed from the past couple weekends: Sprinkled (jimmied?) in among tweets about White House staff turnover, her upcoming book about the bizarre 2016 election season, and tensions with North Korea, Katy posted several times about the ongoing MSG residency, including several tweets from  8/2/17’s “Holes” night and 8/5/17’s “Boston Cream” night, both of which she attended in person.

Finally, after attending the penultimate show of the run, Tur joined the majority of the Phish fan base in couch-touring the Baker’s Dozen’s final show on Sunday night, during which the band raised their well-earned “13 Consecutive Shows” banner to the rafters of the World’s Most Famous Arena.

We hope you enjoyed the Baker’s Dozen as much as we did, Katy! Time to get ready for some Dick’s!

[via Katy Tur on Twitter (@KatyTurNBC)]