On Friday, one day prior to what would have been the late Neal Casal‘s 51st birthday, nine of the singer-songwriter’s solo albums that were previously unavailable on digital music platforms have been released.

The expansive digital release of Casal’s solo catalog includes 1996’s Rain, Wind & Speed, 1997’s Field Recordings, 1998’s The Sun Rises Here, 1998’s Basement Dreams, 1999’s Black River Sides (with Kenny Roby), 2000’s Anytime Tomorrow, 2002’s Ran On Pure Lightning (with Shannon McNally), 2006’s No Wish To Reminisce, and 2007’s All Directions.

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In addition to the archival rollout, a rarely seen video of “Reason” off of Casal’s 1998 album, The Sun Rises Here, is now available, which includes an ending montage of Neal and his father discussing his musical aspirations and dreams.

Neal Casal – “Reason”

[Video: Neal Casal]

As a press release notes, “Plans are currently in the works for a series of physical reissues of Casal’s solo work in 2020, while the finishing touches are being added to his final recording sessions with Circles Around The Sun a week before his passing.”

Fans can head here to listen to Neal Casal’s expansive solo discography.

Neal Casal Solo Discography Release:

Rain, Wind & Speed (1996)
Field Recordings (1997)
The Sun Rises Here (1998)
Basement Dreams (1998)
Black River Sides (w/ Kenny Roby, 1999)
Anytime Tomorrow (2000)
Ran On Pure Lightning (w/ Shannon McNally, 2002)
No Wish To Reminisce (2006)
All Directions (2007)

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