Neil Young has announced three new archival releases set for 2020, compounding upon an already busy year for The Godfather of Grunge.

In a blog post to his website, Young detailed the release of Return To Greendale, documenting a show with Crazy Horse from the Greendale tour in 2003.  Return To Greendale will see a release on November 6th. Furthermore, the much-anticipated Neil Young Archives: Volume 2 box set will arrive on the same day. NYA: Vol. 2 encompasses his work from the 1970’s and follows the June 2nd, 2009 release of Vol. 1, after years of delay. Then on December 6th, Young will release an album and film titled Way Down In The Rust Bucket, which documents his November 13th, 1990 show at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA.

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Towards the end of his blog post, Young teased a new project entitled The Timeless Orpheum, which “Is a concert film with a lot of twists and turns,” he said. “It will premiere right here in the Hearse Theater—for subscribers only, before it is offered elsewhere.” Young recorded this concert film at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis, MN, on January 28th, 2019.

As always, the outspoken rocker took the time to comment on the current state of politics in the U.S., saying, “America is in serious trouble. Democracy is threatened. Today is no time to give up. It’s time to double down for justice and democracy.” These comments come just days after declaring his intention to sue President Trump’s 2020 campaign for copyright infringement after using his music during a campaign rally.

Read Young’s full blog post below:

Hi everyone. I just want you to know that I am aware the paper seems to have a lot of bad news and less music news than I would like. This is just what is happening in America and we can’t just close our eyes and ears. It’s a real issue. America is in serious trouble. Democracy is threatened. Today is no time to give up. It’s time to double down for justice and democracy.

But we have a lot of things being made ready for release here for you right now. Two Crazy Horse classics — Way Down In The Rust Bucket on Dec 6, Return To Greendale on November 6, and NYA Volume 2 on that same day — Nov 6 as well.

NYA will be the place to get Volume 2. Pre-orders will be announced soon. All the NYA Volume 2 info will be coming right here very soon.

In these days, like you, I have been staying home as much as I can, and that’s a lot. I have been working, staying busy, with projects that have actually come into being because of the crisis we are sharing. For me, a project called The Timeless Orpheum has been taking my time. It is a concert film with a lot of twists and turns, telling my story and yours, our history together. It will premiere right here in the Hearse Theater — for subscribers only, before it is offered elsewhere. We have had a wonderful time making this movie and it will be exciting for us to see how you like it. After it is introduced here at NYA for a few weeks, it will be offered in general release. Maybe in blu ray, which is the highest quality product for movies, much better than streaming because the sound and picture are much more clear. We live in the streaming world now and quality is for the few who seek it. We will always have it for you here at NYA.

Big news will be coming regarding how we sell to the general public. We know NYA is just a niche and the complete audience is not even aware of us as of yet. The public will have an easy way to get the quality we offer. That announcement will be coming very soon.

All the best, stay safe. Register and vote.
We need change in the USA!
be well,

Head to the Neil Young Archives to subscribe and for more pre-order information.