Get your sh*t together, U.S. Government.

The latest flub from the United States’ immigration services is apparently preventing one of this country’s most beloved rock and rollers in Neil Young from becoming a full-fledged American citizen. The reason: Young’s use of cannabis, which is legal for personal consumption under Federal in his home country of Canada.

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A new post shared to the Neil Young Archives website states that while Young recently applied for U.S. citizenship, and even passed “the test,” his use of cannabis is slowing up the process of getting his application approved.

The post points out that an April 2019 addition to the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) applied by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions (you know, this lame narc) states that “Any applicant who is involved in certain marijuana-related activities may lack GMC (Good Moral Character) if found to have violated federal law, even if such activity is not unlawful under applicable state or foreign laws.”

Young continues by saying, “I sincerely hope I have exhibited good moral character and will be able to vote my conscience on Donald J. Trump and his fellow American candidates, (as yet un-named). I will keep you posted, but I don’t think I will be able to remain parked here during the proceedings.”

Young’s drive to obtain American citizenship is centered around his desire to vote in the upcoming Presidential elections, as American politics starting to heat up for 2020 campaigns.

“I live down here; I pay taxes down here; my beautiful family is all down here,” Young said in a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times. “They’re all Americans, so I want to register my opinion.”

While Young may have been 100% honest in his citizenship test and interview, Sessions and his cronies in Washington shouldn’t expect the rocker to budge on his personal freedoms pertaining to the use of, well, plants. This is the same Neil Young after all who turned down millions in performance earnings to tour behind his 1972 Harvest album.

America doesn’t deserve you at this point, Neil.

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