Neil Young has shared the fourth edition of his ongoing Fireside Sessions home performance series which, like the previous installments, was uploaded directly to his Neil Young Archives website on Thursday. “Fireside Sessions IV” sees the grizzled rock guitarist and singer perform eight songs over 37 minutes during an outdoor/indoor set that included the live debut of “Through My Sails” and the bust-out of “Good To See You”.

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The video begins with Young seen outside as he first performs “One Of These Days” next to a small fire. Young then takes the action indoors and the video continues with a bust out of “Good To See You” (first time played since October 1999) followed by the live debut of “Through My Sails”, which first appeared on Young’s 1975 Zuma studio album with Crazy Horse.

The video continues with “Daddy Went Walkin'”, “After The Gold Rush”, and “Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)”. Following a return to nature with the performance of “Distant Camera”, the video closes with Young swapping his guitar for the piano on “Are You Ready For The Country?”

Click here to watch the fourth and latest episode of Young’s Fireside Sessions.

Young recently announced the forthcoming 2021 release of his Road of Plenty archive album, which will feature previously-shelved recordings captured back in the 1980s including a song with Crazy Horse put to tape during a 1986 U.S. tour.

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