Neil Young and backing band Promise of the Real have announced the March 23rd release of an official soundtrack for their upcoming Western film, Paradox. As Rolling Stone notes, the album features the twice-inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Famer in various different configurations, including with an orchestra on the MGM Soundstage, solo on an electric guitar, and in a lineup featuring bassist Paul Bushnell and drummer Jim Keltner. The soundtrack album is also slated to include narration from Willie Nelson on one track, “Many Moons Ago in the Future” (featured in the trailer below). In addition, the project lists contributions from Joe Yankee, a pseudonym under which Neil himself has recorded as a “guest artist” on numerous occasions.

The film, Paradox, is the writing/directorial debut of actress Daryl Hannah. In addition to creating the soundtrack, Neil Young stars in the movie as “Man in the Black Hat” alongside his Promise of the Real bandmates. According to a press release, the Western follows a band of cowboys and outlaws who “pass the days digging for treasure while they wait for the full moon to bring its magic, the music and let the spirits fly.”

The film seems to echo Young’s outspoken humanitarian feelings toward the right to clean water, which were on full display particularly during the Standing Rock protests in 2016. As Nelson’s narration in the trailer explains, “A mangy group of outlaws hid out by a precious water source…while the real bad guys quietly stole the seeds of life.

The film will debut this week at South By Southwest Film Festival, and will be released on Netflix on March 23rd, in addition to a limited run in theaters. You can watch the newly released official trailer for Paradox–”an unrealistic tale of music and love”–below:

[Video: Netflix]

Paradox Soundtrack Track List:

1. “Many Moons Ago in The Future” (narration by Willie Nelson)
2. “Show Me”
3. “Paradox Passage 1”
4. “Hey”
5. “Paradox Passage 2”
6. “Diggin’ in The Dirt” – Chorus
7. “Paradox Passage 3”
8. “Peace Trail”
9. “Pocahontas”
10. “Cowgirl Jam”
11. “Angel Flying Too Close to The Ground” (written by Willie Nelson)
12. “Paradox Passage 4”
13. “Diggin’ in The Dirt”
14. “Paradox Passage 5”
15. “Running to The Silver Eagle”
16. “Baby What You Want Me to Do?”
17. “Paradox Passage 6”
18. “Offerings”
19. “How Long?”
20. “Happy Together”
21. “Tumbleweed”

[H/T Rolling Stone]