According to a report from DeadlineNetflix is currently developing a documentary series about the infamous Woodstock ’99 music festival. The now-legendary gathering was intended to celebrate 30 years since the original music festival, but ended up a violent scene of fiery chaos.

The festival, which was supposed to mark another “three days of peace, love, and music,” ultimately resulted in dozens of arrests and thousands of injuries when riots developed following the Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ festival-closing performance. Candles from the production were used to light a wooden “Peace Fence” (whose primary purpose was to keep those without tickets out) on fire and fans began to riot by looting ATMs and destroying vendor tents, with the resulting chaos broadcast live on MTV pay-per-view.

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The yet-untitled series, which is reportedly in production, comes from the Raw team that developed the recently released docuseries Fear City: New York vs. The Mafia as well as Don’t F**k with Cats. Also involved in the project is BBH Entertainment, which co-produced the 2019 Depeche Mode concert/documentary film Spirits In The Forest.

Sources quoted by Deadline stated that the documentary series will take a deep dive into the culture that created Woodstock ’99 and where things went horribly wrong. With the use of archival footage as well as never-before-seen material, including interviews with staff, attendees, and performers, filmmakers hope to shine a light on a landmark societal event that shaped the live music landscape for years to come.

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