Cory Wong‘s funk-inspired signature guitar tones are now available for fans to explore through their own playing as Neural DSP has released the Archetype: Cory Wong package. The DAW plugin delivers a curated mix of clean tones and effects for guitarists while practicing, recording, and of course, playing live.

The latest artist signature plugin from the audio technology designer focuses on the trademark, “fat”-sounding Fender Stratocaster tones used by the Vulfpeck guitarist, and includes a trio of programed amplifiers including the D.I. Funk Console, The Clean Machine, and The Amp Snob. All three amps feature a variety of EQ capabilities while delivering signal tones ranging from clean to edge-of-break-up. Also included in the plugin is a meticulously crafted auto-wah, pre and post/time effects, and a nine-band graphic equalizer. There’s also a very comprehensive and adaptive cabinet simulation module featuring six virtual microphones, which can be positioned around the virtual speakers and can be interchanged with the various amps to reach that peak Wong sound.

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Watch and listen as Wong showcases his new signature plugin with all of its audio capabilities in the video below.

Neural DSP Archetype: Cory Wong DAW Plugin

[Video: Neural DSP]

Even without any live performances since March, Wong has continued to make 2020 a year of growth as the funky guitarist recently celebrated the release of another live album, the launch of his own podcast for Premier Guitar, and reunited with pianist Jon Batiste for a calming, zen-inspired instrumental studio EP.

Click here to order the Archetype: Cory Wong plugin.

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