This morning, psybient (psychedelic-trance/ambient) guru Simon Posford posted that he will be in The Soundmasters studio mastering the new Shpongle album today.  He is streaming the mastering session live via UStream.  It is interesting to watch the behind-the-scenes action in finishing an album and seeing the tracks come fully into their own.  As is to be expected from Posford (and fellow Shpongle cohort Raja Ram), the unfinished cuts have that auditory hallucination characteristic that anyone familiar with Shpongle is accustomed to.

As Posford so eloquently stated on May 5th, via Shpongle’s Facebook page, with regards to the new album:
“This album filled with so much LOVE…. can we finish it in two weeks??? If the Goddess smiles upon us….
‘The Museum of Consciousness’ – a realm where Unsanity and Insanity melt and coagulate, a lacustrine temple of delirium, where fellow inner-space travellers have dived in and jubilantly returned with Jewels of the Mind, Treasures of Realisation, Sentience and Bliss… each chamber is a marvellous Epiphany of Imagination… The track we are working on today is ‘The Aquatic Garden of Extra-Celestial Delights’ ♥♥♥”

We thought it best to use Posford’s own words in describing the new album, The Museum of Consciousness, as we don’t think we could have described it better than that.  Can you blame us?  So confusing, yet clear.  It makes so much sense to those that have been Shpongled and will become clear to those that have yet to take the journey.

Note to new listeners:  Sit back, relax, close your eyes, and allow yourself to be taken away when listening to Shpongle.  It’s ok, you will come back from your journey a more enlightened being.  Water is important as well; you don’t want a brain cramp!

Listen to the live stream, via UStream here.