In the wake of their announcement of their seventh studio album, Mr. Finish Line, last month, Ann Arbor-bred low-volume funk crusaders Vulfpeck have released another brand new single, with a new video to accompany it. “Baby I Don’t Know Oh Oh” is a methodically soulful ballad sung by featured guest pianist/vocalist Charles Jones, another instantly catchy addition to the band’s ever-growing repertoire. The song’s plodding melody begins simply, with a minimal, staccato piano part and punching rhythm, and sees the band members gradually add embellishing fragments of groove. As the instrumental embellishments swell, so do Jones’ vocals. By the song’s end, it’s no longer a meticulous crawl, but rather a soulful singalong, with Charles peppering in theatrical falsetto vocal leads perfectly mirrored by infectious guitar and sax runs.

You can listen to “Baby I Don’t Know Oh Oh” by Vulfpeck featuring vocalist Charles Jones from their upcoming album, Mr. Finish Line, below:

Watch the official music video for “Baby I Don’t Know Oh Oh” below:

The excellent new track marks the second to be released by the band since the announcement of Mr. Finish Line, following the cover of Mocky‘s “Birds of a Feather, We Rock Together” sung by Antwaun Stanley that they released a few weeks back. The band hasn’t indicated whether the singles will be included on the upcoming album. In the past, they have released several covers and singles that have not made it onto official LPs.

Vulfpeck Shares First Track, New Music Video Featuring Antwaun Stanley

According to the video the band released along with the album’s announcement, Mr. Finish Line will feature “10 Indi Bangers from the band that recorded Newsbeat,” a nod to their 2014 Fugue State tune. The album will feature a long list of contributors, including Stanley, Jones, Christine Hucal, legendary session guitarist David T. Walker, Danish vocalist Coco O., legendary session drummer James Gadson, funk bassist/singer/songwriter and member of Parliament Funkadelic Bootsy Collins, drummer for Prince during The New Power Generation era Michael Bland, keyboardist/saxophonist Joey Dosik (who bandleader Jack Stratton recently revealed will be taking lead vocals for his first Vulf tune) and guitarist/honorary 5th member Cory Wong. These talented players will, as always augment the core Vulfpeck quartet (comprised of Stratton, Joe DartWoody Goss, and Theo Katzman).

You can watch the announcement trailer below for Mr. Finish Line below, and pre-order your own copy here.