Organizers have canceled the 2020 editions of both Newport Folk Festival (July 30th–August 2nd) and Newport Jazz Festival (August 7th–9th) as the world continues to deal with the ongoing pandemic.

Notes Executive Producer Jay Sweet in a statement, “As devastating as it is to write these words, it’s balanced with a renewed sense of, well, HOPE. It’s Rhode Island’s motto for good reason, and it’s also the feeling our festival family, constantly exudes when we come together in good times and perhaps more importantly, in difficult times as well. This community is truly unlike any other in music, and I believe we can emerge from this adversity stronger and more connected than ever before.”

According to the statement from organizers, “The impact of this cancellation will be felt deeply throughout the community as Newport Festivals Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3, relies on the money it makes each year at the festivals in order to carry out its work. Thanks to the support of our Newport Folk and Jazz fans, the foundation has been able to support music programs in our own backyard of Newport and all across America. The foundation has funded music programs for remote communities in Alaska, donated instruments to schools in Puerto Rico that were decimated after Hurricane Maria and brought jazz education to schools that have no music programs due to funding cuts. … In addition to its year-round work, the foundation also created the Newport Festivals Musician Relief Fund last month to help mitigate financial hardship for musicians with over six figures in donations to date.”

All ticket holders have the option of a 100% full refund if desired. Other options include 1) an opportunity to donate all or a portion of their ticket to go directly towards ensuring the festivals for 2021 while continuing the foundation’s support for artists and educators; 2) applying their refund towards a 2021 Revival Membership – a new and one-time offer we’ve created specifically to ensure the future of the festivals and provides these members with 3-day tickets to the 2021 festival (remaining memberships will be offered to the general public directly after the refund period).

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If you’re feeling down about the cancellation, you can also revisit this magical performance from Newport Folk Festival 2019:

Kermit the Frog w/ Jim James – “Rainbow Connection” – Newport Folk Festival 2019

[Video: Newport Folk Festival]