Nigel Hall returned on Friday with “The Sun”, the third and final single off his forthcoming solo album, Spiritual. The sophomore solo album from the Lettuce keyboardist is out on July 16th via Regime Music Group.

From the opening bass drop-in, “The Sun” is awash in the laid-back, funky energy that has defined Hall and his work in Lettuce. The bright musical textures sonically embody the titular “Sun”, as Hall’s lightly-distorted vocals come in to complete the picture. The song instantly delivers the summertime aesthetic that has been missing since the pandemic, as listeners are finally able to slow down and relax at the function.

“This is a song about a pure, unadulterated vibe. I picture being at a cookout with family and friends. Sweating and smiling, loving and hugging, playing and swaying in the golden time of day, in the sun,” Hall said in a press release. “It’s summertime and life is sweet, and you’re just giving God thanks, because your mind, body and spirit are being touched by the one thing that fuels the universe, the sun.”

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For Hall’s second solo offering, the keyboardist has found his footing in delivering the message he wants to give, rather than what people expect of him.

“My last record was more of a traditional soul record. I feel like it was a lot of what other people wanted me to sound like,” Hall said. “With this album, I didn’t want this to sound like another release. I want people to know that I am my own entity and that I want to explore different areas of music. This record I had full creative control. I feel like every artist records one record in their career for themselves. This one is it for me. I feel like if no one hears this record, I’ll still be able to sleep at night because I know there is something real out in the world that I put there.”

Listen to “The Sun”, the latest single from Nigel Hall’s forthcoming album Spiritual. Physical copies of Spiritual are available here for pre-order.

Nigel Hall – “The Sun”

[Video: Nigel Hall]